Become Involved in July

Becoming involved is so easy to do, and uplifting, even with a few spontaneous moments of your time when you see another person who could use a little help.

Yesterday, I was at the grocery trying to get the last of an item off the shelf. It was at the very back. A gentleman, not too much taller than me, came over to help but he was not quite tall enough. Meanwhile, a clerk nearby. had been unpacking snack packages on to the shelves from plastic crates. Seeing our dilemma, she slid an empty crate our way – just the extra height we needed to reach the back row. With success came smiles all around. In an instant of time, a team had been formed and three people became involved to do what I could not have done alone.

The United States of America exists for all of us today because our forefathers engaged their very lives in the establishment of this great country of new and fresh opportunities. That;s why July’s color of the month is “Patriot Red”.

Please post back on this site during July with the moments when either you Became Involved, or with a story of someone else who did. Together and only together, we can lift our own lives, our families,friends and those all around us to a new height of positive actions. This is what changing our world one moment at a time really looks like and we all need you.