Help Others

"The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have."

— Leonard Nimoy, Dr. Spock

Welcome to JANUARY - Help Others

Using twelve shared practices, Wonderful People is a perpetual year-round color-coded message plan, that reminds us all to get along better…. one month at a time.


YOU can help us grow stronger together. (1)  Subscribe to receive your own special monthly inspirational reminders. (2) Navigate via the drop-down MONTHS menu to one of the 12 themes to share and "pay forward" your own unique stories and thoughts, here or on our Facebook page.

Through our non-profit, All of Us Inc., we form a community-wide and social media network of adults, supporting children, youth, and families.  "On the ground" in a participant community, “Ambassadors,” all together, display the same color-coded reminder posters.  Ambassadors include businesses and merchants, schools and after-schools, social agencies and media. Together, we strengthen and reinforce one another each month because everyone is sharing the same colorful habit reminder message at the same time.


One 6th grader on our 2017 survey reports, "I am now nice to the people I used to be mean to.  I might even get better grades too."  Just like we share and are uplifted by "Holidays", Wonderful People's consistent plan enables better collaboration, and uplifts shared attitudes, while motivating positive engagement by all…one month at a time.

Our mission: Increase youth resiliency to negative influences, motivate academic excellence, strengthen families, and improve workforce skills by engaging the power of professional media technologies to weave together more caring climates in schools and community-wide.

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