#8 AUGUST - Know Who You Are

In August,  Remember to..... Know Who You Are !


            This above all, to thine own self be true

            And it must follow as the night the day

            Thou canst not then be false to any man.


                                                            WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE



August is the summation of the GOLDEN RULE REVOLUTION - the month to
evaluate who you are and how well you “walk your own talk.”   August is a month of
vacations - a time to relax and also to reflect.  Your habit-building color for this month
is “Thoughtful Blue.  Encourage yourself in August to reflect on who you are and where “you” are taking your own future.  What kind of memories are you making out of your
own moments?


Who are you,  how are you different from a year ago - and how do you want to be
different a year from now?   Reflect on your priorities,  your direction and your values.
Do you allocate your time to support what is important to you? 


With appreciation to the Ty Ling Fortune Cookie Company,  I have ended each August

day’s inspiration with a fortune cookie philosophy message.  They are very thought provoking and can inspire a fleeting moment of  introspection?  You may reflect on the messages I have chosen,  or you might want to buy your own box of Fortune Cookies, and reflect on one message each day.  You may also prefer to use Scripture passages or another source of  meditations.



Goal for the Month: Be able to write down your own values about family,  children, personal behavior, work performance and your role in your community.


“Together We Can Brighten the World We All Share”

TRUE STORY: A community group

held a poetry contest and had a “Get involved in Your Community” volunteer recruitment day.




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