Carol York - President

In her role as Board President for the 12 Habits for Wonderful People non-profit organization Carol York brings her diverse leadership experience a wide array of business management disciplines: business management consulting, systems design, industrial engineering, performance management, business process engineering, statistical process control, total quality management, increasing working capital, change management, and grants management and administration, to champion the way forward for a talented and dedicated team.

In her former roles as vice president in several financial services businesses and industries she excelled in strategic planning and tactical execution and implementation of large and small scale business initiatives.

Throughout her life and professional career Carol's roots in growing up in rural Appalachian poverty have served her well. Traditional values like honesty, respectfulness, hard work and personal integrity have guided her quest of excellence in all aspects of her life.

Early on she exhibited an innate understanding of human nature and perseverance in all endeavors - creative and academic. Her parents influence and support of her academic, creative, and artistic endeavors helped her to strive for excellence and take calculated risks to grow, flourish and rise up from poverty.

She has an uncanny mathematical aptitude, love of language, curiosity in all things, and need for structure and order naturally led her to the emerging field of computers, programming, systems design and industrial engineering.

She embraces the importance and rigor of business and financial planning to enable effective and efficient operational management to facilitate controlled growth and maximize ROI.

Carol's vast career provided opportunities to learn to work with many cultures, age groups, and demographic segments. Her work in implementing change initiatives and leading diverse teams gave her a deep understanding of the universality of the need for positive behavior and character development for individuals to succeed.

After leaving her executive position with a global fortune 500 company in 2009 she took a position in the public sector as grants administrator in her local county commission office that enable her to help give back to her community. While in this position for over five years she flourished and helped all local government agencies and many non-profits in successful grant seeking and fiscal administration.

Upon leaving her public position in 2015 she met and began working with Elaine Parke, the founder of the 12 Habits for Wonderful People and President of the parent organization, All of Us, Inc. Carol helped Elaine, a relative new comer to West Virginia and the Morgan County area, launch the 12 Habits for Wonderful People in the Berkeley Springs community and the Warm Springs Middle School.

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