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The best way to get involved is to take action each month, then share your story with us.  Go to the drop-down menu above, select the month and follow the link to share your story!

Here are some REAL EXAMPLES of people becoming involved minute-by-minute, day-by-day, month-by-month:

  • A dental group put each month's Habits posters on the ceilings over their patient chairs.

  • A utility company inserted monthly habit reminders into their billing envelopes.

  • A restaurant made Wonderful People place mats, decorated with art from kids.

  • A second grade teacher wrote a 12 Habits for Wonderful People  "Home Involvement Booklet” to help parents practice the 12 habits with their children.

  • A service organization made “screen savers” for their staff desk computers as 12 Habits reminders for staff. 

  • A bus driver wrote a “Spirit of ALL of US”, 12 Habits Newsletter and distributed it to all the transportation employees in Eugene, OR.

  • A community newspaper, the Steel Valley Mirror, prints each month's Habit theme in the little extra spaces between articles throughout the paper.

  • 20,000 Wonderful People flyers focused on the health messages were printed by a local hospital and distributed throughout a community each month by their employees.

  • An Oil City, PA school invited community and parent "guests" to come to the school, identify themselves to the students and share the daily habit on morning announcement.

  • School children in Jeanette, PA made 12 Habit posters each month for distribution and display in local store windows and other public space.

  • A coordinated “Parent Handbook" about Drug & Alcohol Abuse was written and distributed relating the 12 Habits to drug prevention behaviors and attitudes.

  • A “Teen Center Without Walls” Calendar of activities around the community for teens is published in the Somerset Daily American once a month.

  • A Home Economics class in Maplewood High School in Gates Mills, PA, make a patterned quilt of all 12 habits to exhibit in the school hallway and later raffled it off to help a student's family with medical bills.

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