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We invite all who are interested in this collaboration to contact us for more details.

At our invitation, on May 10, 2017, Dr. Kristjansson, visited and toured Morgan County and presented the ICE coalition model for Integrated Community Engagement (ICE) to invited guests representing our community. ICE's more advanced and proven research model of youth risk and protective factors, represents an opportunity for Morgan County to revisit and renew our current local research, policy and implementation strategies.


Effective community transformation, on behalf of our families and youth, requires total community buy-in and a mutual collaboration process that respects each participating organization's assets and viewpoints.


Reiterating Dr. Kristjansson's remarks, "The power comes from independent but locally gathered data, shared among all vested parties, to strategically guide the collaborative shaping of programs and outreach."

Dr. Kristjansson's LOI proposes a $20,000 a year investment, transforming the time and cost burden of local research, into time spent on supportive practices.

Morgan County's ICE Collaborative would receive from WVU:

1. Protective risk factor data collection from a minimum of 80% of our middle and high school students,
2. A full report to each and every relevant invested stakeholder,
3. On-going support throughout our collaborating process.

WVU's partnership with Morgan County would help:
1. Maximize a return on community and grant invested dollars,
2. Improve coordinated continuity of practices
3. Improve timeliness of appropriate responses
4. Support local policy and practice strategies with current risk-protective research modalities to achieve our goals for Morgan County's youth and families.

Several days after the presentation, we received an informal letter of intent from Dr. Kristjansson for bringing the ICE Collaborative to Morgan County.

We are currently seeking support from all individuals and/or organizations who wish to participate. If you are interested in this project, please contact Susan England at our office 304-707-2175.

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