#10 OCTOBER - Be Patient

In October,  Remember to.....Be Patient & Listen !


Having known about and lived through the twelve-month cycle of the Golden
Rule Revolution for ten years now, I welcome October as the month to rest
my weary soul.  I see peaceful joy in the breathtakingly colorful autumn
nature show outside my home and office.  I love the sense of calm and
quiet appreciation of beauty that I feel under the influence of
"Be Patient & Listen."


This month's celebration color is Slow-down LAVENDER.  Whenever I see
the color LAVENDER I feel quieter, more tuned to listening, and more connected to
those who pass through my day.  Think about this especially when you are driving. 
The increasing statistics about "Road Rage" are a terrible thing.  On the road is a time
to remember something a friend of mine once said, "Help everyone that you can,
and if you cannot help them, at least don't hurt them." Drive carefully this month,
with caring and respect for others on the road with you.


Enjoy your leisurely stroll  (or "scroll")  through our inspirations for October. 
Remember that there is a sparkling spectrum of color in every moment, in every

person, and in every autumn leaf.  Let the leaves remind you to enjoy the colors of

each moment and to appreciate the treasure of "moment jewels" that you will find

when you are patient with yourself and listen to your heart.  


I've often said that life is like a bag of M&M's.  Life is moments and memories. 

October is a month to ask yourself, "What's the worst that can happen if I don't

do_______?    or   "Am I the only person who_______?   or   How bad can it be? 

“Together We Can Brighten the World We All Share”

TRUE STORY: A community newspaper editor writes a feature article about

one resident who most exemplifies each month’s habit.



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